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Winning Ballet Shoe

16th February 2023 1 minute read

Thank you to all those that voted for their favourite ballet shoe. Many of the shoes got mentions and the artwork was truly appreciated for different reasons.

The winning shoe was due to the amount of detail. Decorated as a Fairy Garden with a little fairy on a swing, flowers and a butterfly. The artist made the shoe 3 dimensional and so the swing could move and the butterfly could stand up.

A massive congratulations to Sophie Dickson for her artistic efforts!

Other pointe shoes were mentioned for their indication towards Spring, their sewing skills and their humour … a personal favourite for me was the shoe representing Little Miss Trudy. I love that she is part of our DancePro family too!

This was a great way to keep the students enthusiastic and excited about ballet. Keep working hard, you’ll be on pointe before you know it (complaining that it’s hard work and hurts! 😆)

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