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New DancePro Academy Merchandise

15th November 2022 3 minute read

Out with the old and in with the new. DancePro Academy has new merchandise!

Ahead of Our New Uniform Drop, All Existing Merchandise Is Now Half Price!

Children’s t-shirts are now just £5.75 and adults £6.40. There are only a few hoodies left but if there’s one that would fit your child, you can now get it for £11. The same goes for our black teen hoodies, which are now priced at £12.50 and onesies are just £15- £17.50! Sizes are limited but quality is not and as children will be able to wear both, new and old, take the opportunity to bag a bargain just in time for Christmas!

Check Out Our New Merchandise

Our new t-shirts are priced at £12.50 for children’s sizes and £14.50 for adult small, medium and large. Hoodies are £30 for children’s sizes and £35 for adult sizes. We are offering a bundle price for both the t-shirt and the hoodie £40 for child sizes and £46.50 for adult sizes.

Even though our ballet and tap uniform is not changing, bundles are great to ask for presents this Christmas, especially if you have a growing child! See below for the bundles we have on offer.

Dance cards are also available through your parent portal. You could ask Santa (or Grandparents) to buy a full term or half a term or of classes for the Spring term.

Dance Cards

  • 6 x 30 minute – £34.50
  • 6 x 45 minute – £39.00
  • 6 x 60 minute – £48
  • 11 x 30 minute – £63.25
  • 11 x 45 minute – £71.50
  • 11 x 60 minute – £88

Ballet Bundles

Ballet Bundle (Baby Ballet – Grade 1) – Includes a leotard, skirt, cardigan, tights, shoes and a headband to hold hair back off their face.

  • Small – £59.50 (usually £69.50)
  • Medium – £60.50 (usually £71.25)
  • Large – £64.80 (usually £76.25)

Ballet Bundle (Grade 2+) – Includes a navy leotard, cardiganand tights.

  • Small – £34 (usually £40.00)
  • Large – £37 (usually £43.50)

Should you want a anything else dance related for Christmas such as notebooks, snack boxes, water bottles, bags, keyrings, get in touch as I have access to a wide range of items.

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