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Herts Book Festival

10th March 2022 1 minute read

The Herts Book Festival will take place on the 8th May.

I have 3 classes that have been invited to perform in the Priory in Ware. The festival celebrates books, reading, writing, storytelling and other literary skills. It’s a free community-based festival, aiming to promote local talent alongside national authors and illustrators.

We had to choose a book or a scene from a story and use it to inspire a short performance piece. We have chosen, Dr. Suess, T.S. Eliot, Cats and The Mr Men characters.

DancePro Academy will be performing at Ware Priory on Sunday 8th May. However, the festival is also held in the Hertford Castle grounds on Saturday 7th May. It will be a creative way to celebrate books and engage children in literacy and storytelling.

Find out more about the Herts Book Festival below.

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