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Exams and Shows

15th February 2023 1 minute read

This Summer I endeavour to offer exam sessions for those doing ISTD classes.

Believe it or not, COVID is still having an impact on the DancePro Academy calendar, confusing everyone. So, I’ll try and do a quick explanation.

I have always alternated the summer term with dance exams and the show. After lockdown I squeezed in the exams because students had been doing the work online and were ready, plus, I didn’t want them to get bored. I also did a show because we were all dying to do one!

Now, students have only had 1 and a half terms on their exam work, and I am hoping to do another set of exams at the end of Summer. I am going to try to schedule extra classes as we are currently nowhere near ready and it’s no one’s fault.

The next show is being planned for Summer 2024. Can we please keep everything crossed that Hertford theatre is open by then!

I hope this is helpful. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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