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29th March 2022 2 minute read

We have just completed an exam session that has been long overdue.

Our modern and tap exams took place on the 19th and 20th of March and our ballet exams were the following weekend. The results have been received and 100% of the students have passed!

Not only that, a huge 30% were awarded a Distinction! The overall highest mark reached 90 out of 100 which is a massive achievement! The way exams are graded is shown below

  • 0-39 Fail
  • 40-59 Pass
  • 60- 79 Merit
  • 80- 100 Distinction

The marking scheme includes musicality, control of body and coordination, port de bras (carriage of the arms) Allegro (jumps) response to free work, spatial awareness, and more. I will learn lots from studying the reports!

Reports usually come through in about 4 weeks and certificates in 6 weeks.

I hope the experience was good for all those involved, including parents!

Thank you to Marta for helping me with the lunches, Angela for the use of your blankets and especially to Kelly for her hair styling skills!

Miss Jodie, Miss Lydia and I are so proud of what has been achieved within the class and their personal progression.

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