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Saturday Classes

15th July 2017

DancePro Academy is now offering dance classes on Saturday mornings!

Classes will be held at Christchurch School.  If you enter the school via Bowling Road, parents can park in the playground and either pop into town or wait in the canteen for their childs class to finish.  Christchurch School are being very welcoming and are happy to have us there so please respect the facilities. 

The Saturday classes can expand so we have more grades and genres for a longer period on Saturday but the classes will be from 10am- 12:30pm for the Autumn term.  Please get in touch if you would like more information or would like to put your name down on a waiting list for a class. Check out the timetable for the Autumn term. 

Beginning with baby ballet which is suitable for children as young as 2 and a half if they are happy to be without their parents.  This creative 30 minute class will keep your child happy and entertained whilst learning physical and social skills.  Following baby ballet, will be classes that are preparing children for examinations with the Imperial Society Teachers of Dancing. (ISTD) Pre primary ballet has many exercises for musicality and spatial awareness, this is for children in Reception and Year 1.  Primary modern, also for children in reception and year 1, is the next class which also has imaginative exercises, fun music and works on performance.  Children love modern as much as they love ballet! 

Primary modern and Grade 1 modern are a little bit more challenging so these classes would be for children in Year 1 and 2.  The expectation of executing a movement is a little higher and children would have to show kinaesthetic awareness, structure and technique.  Still creative, these classes are very popular for children in keystage 1 at school. Examinations can also be taken once students have perfected their exercises and are able to demonstrate independently.

Contact us at DancePro Academy or for more information or to book in for a trial.