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…And we’re back!

28th November 2020

A quick Newsletter for heading back after Lockdown 2

DancePro Academy is thrilled that we are able to be back together before the end of term so we can see each other before Christmas. This gives us a full week of classes at the Ware Arts Centre and Christchurch School.  
The same procedures will need to be followed as they were earlier in the year.  Parents will need to wait outside, students must use anti bacterial gel (unless they’re exempt) upon entering the building and I must ask that you email or give me another health form. This will stay on file until the end of term then I will have to ask you AGAIN for the beginning of the Spring term.
Without a doubt, classes are so much more fun when they’re in person however I have to say for those who did persevere online, you did very well.  It has been great seen all the Mummy’s and Daddy’s participate with their little ones to keep them engaged. And the older students have coped really well too, literally learning new vocabulary online! 

So the last week of term 7th – 12th December, I thought we could have a bit of a Christmas party.  Choreographing Christmas dances or improvisations, playing a few Christmas games and dancing to Christmas carols.  I am happy for students to dress up, or do a Christmas hairstyle etc as long as it is safe for them to dance in.  Do you have any old fancy dress costumes at home that you would like to donate to DancePro Academy? This may help other families dress up etc. I have a few Christmas hats that I can bring in… 

As times are a bit sketchy, I can’t guarantee that there will be a show in the Summer, even though the theatre is booked.  I have been researching about doing exams online and if this is a possibility so we can at least feel we are moving forward or have something to work towards and achieve.  It terns out that we CAN!!  Obviously, I would now need to figure out logistics such as how to film the exams and if we have any interest. Your feedback would be appreciated. 


I am so looking forward to seeing you all again soon and hope that you have been keeping well. xxx