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Who Is Teaching My Child?

Know your teachers and their credentials

Props are great to use when teachingWho is teaching my child?

In an age where there are so many concerns about child safety the County Councils are quite rightly insisting on Chaperone licences DBS/ CRB Certificates and Body of Persons forms for events and shows. These policies are there for good reason and teachers are more than happy to abide to create an experience which will last a lifetime for all those involved.  The question that surprises me is that while there are dance schools and hobbies for children in almost every school and village hall, who insists on the teachers having the adequate qualification for them the teach? 

I have owned a dance school for 5 Years and I have never been asked to provide certificates as evidence that I hold a reasonable qualification in my field to teach children safely.  I have been asked to provide insurance and DBS certificates by various venues but it seems that anyone can teach in a franchise or open a school if they have the desire to do so with or without the relevant training.  Dance and Performing Arts is a bit more flexible as many professionals have spent their time performing rather than studying to teach.  This experience is equally as valuable to the student as someone who has all the exams and certificates.  Children are growing and changing at different rates and it is really important their physique is aligned and not over stretched as they execute movements. 

Teachers are nurturing your children whether it is for an academic education or for an extra curricular activity, providing a life skill.  They become a part of your child’s childhood memories and they’re incredibly influential.  I think it would be within every parents best interest to enquire about the teachers qualifications as a professional as it is to see their safety certificates.  Don’t be intimidated to ask who is teaching your child and ask for the resume. 

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