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Dance Your Way To New Friendships

Enjoy and enhance through performance and dance

Friends for life!Beginning to dance from such a young age, I really don’t know life without it. DancePro Academy has been open for classes and workshops for the past four years and I can now see history repeating itself within the students I have. Students are forming new friendships, supportive teams are being created, students feel proud of themselves and their fellow classmates for having just executed the perfect polka or learned how to do a timestep. They’re now part of a whole support network which will stay with them for life and it’s all been created within the 45 minute dance class.

Dance was a great social life for me throughout my school years. The friendships made were like no other made since; supporting each other receiving harsh criticism or praise regardless we had each others back. The fond memories aren’t all about rehearsing in the studio though. When I was 12, a trip to London to buy our first pair of pointe shoes together was the highlight of our summer holiday. Waiting around between rehearsals and practicing together is what really made us gel we all had one common goal-dance. We shared, games, food, costumes, we argued and looked out for each other. There were hours spent together entertaining ourselves backstage where we’d discuss what happened in ‘Neighbours’ or practiced the lyrics to ‘Tiffany’s number one’ at the back of the tour bus. These friends were my siblings, my rivals, my team, my “besties.” Their parents were my parents and would feel the turmoil or smell the success with you. But the thrill and excitement that only we shared when we stepped on stage to perform together was a rush that only we knew. Best friends for life.