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DancePro Academy

Enjoy and enhance through performance and dance…

A Digital Dance and Drama Academy Online 

We are a Dance and Drama School usually based in Ware, Hertfordshire, currently online although I can confirm we have socially distance dclasses This August! As we have been unable to use our studios due to the Covid 19 pandemic, all our classes were adapted to suit every home by making choreography travel less.  Using Zoom as a platform we are still very much open and welcome new students because every child deserves the opportunity to perform. As we hope for restrictions to be lifted, DancePro Academy endeavours to keep you informed on how and when we open, following the government guidelines. 

For Online classes, please ensure you have cleared a space and be mindful or anything you could trip over or bump into.  Careful not to kick any pets wandering by, ensure you are wearing the correct attire with hair out of the way as you would in classes face to face. Please do not eat while dancing as it is dangerous and while I am First Aid Trained, I am unable to do it across the interweb! 

View our classes and timetable to see if there is something of interest. It is easy to register, book and pay for 3 trial classes, drop-in classes or for the full term however if you would like more information of to speak to someone you are always welcome to contact us.

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We have added an extra term of classes during the Summer holidays to add structure and entertainment for your child.  And of course to give you a bit of a break 😉 The schedule will run online and in the morning leaving the rest of the day free for you to spend time as a family. Students will benefit from getting up, being active, being alert and healthy which is so positive for self care and mental health. Classes will run for the 4 weeks in August before having another short break before the Autumn term begins.  A 10% discount will be applied to all fees for the Autumn term. This excludes any current discounts in place; therefore, if you attend two or more classes you will receive a further 10% and if you do 3 or more you will receive a further 15% discount.

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As it is so uncertain whether we will be able to socialise in September, our Autumn timetable will be the same whether classes are online or in the studio. Saturday classes will NOT be returning until we are fully back in the studio. 
A 10% discount will be applied to all fees for the Autumn term. This excludes any current discounts in place; therefore, if you attend two or more classes you will receive a further 10% and if you do 3 or more you will receive a further 15% discount. Invoices will be sent out on the 24th July, giving 6 weeks to pay. 

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DancePro Academy believes that students will benefit greatly from attending our online classes.  Not only can student see their friends and maintain a healthy lifestyle it adds structure to their day and is so good for their mental health and wellbeing. Moving physically and concentrating on something else, allows young adults to get out of their own head and think about something different. So, please, get in touch to find a class for you and join the DancePro family.

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My daughter loves the Mini Musical Theatre classes and has really enjoyed learning some dance moves with all the other kids. Gill’s incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about dance and that comes through abundantly in her teaching.

5 stars

Steve Ash

Thank you so so much for an amazing show! It was truly magical and we were so proud of everyone!

5 stars

Zivile May

Q: Which class(es) do you attend? What is your favourite and why?
A: Musical theatre, modern, tap, ballet. My favourite is modern because it allows me to express myself and my dance style. Musical theatre comes in a close second.
Q: Do you have a different circle of friends at DancePro Academy than at school? What do you think the benefits are of having a different group of friends here?
A: I do. It's useful because you can have different friends to turn to and to have dance friends who know how you feel about it
Q: What do you think about the teachers and staff?
A: The teachers and staff are always so lovely and encouraging
Q: What is your favourite part about attending DancePro Academy?
A: It's fun and you learn new skills and can be challenged to many things
Q: Did you participate in the show? How did you find the experience?
A: I did participate in the show and it was an amazing experience

5 stars

Lily- May, aged 9

I have known Miss Gill for a long time now and I know that, for her, dance has always been more than a hobby. It has been a life-long passion. Now her performing days are over she is eager to pass on that passion to the next generation. The life skills and discipline helped her through the troublesome teens and into adulthood. I have seen some of her work and that of her students and am really impressed by their hard work and dedication. Yes, I am her mother and am, perhaps, a little biased. I could not be more proud of her and her pupils. Dance is for everyone and above all fun but the other lessons learned alongside it truly are life enhancing.

5 stars

My Mum

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