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DancePro Academy

Enjoy and enhance through performance and dance…

A Dance and Drama Academy

We are a Dance and Drama School based in Ware, Hertfordshire,  Having been closed for the past few months, I can now say that we will all be back in the studio again this September- taking precautions of course.  Should the government advise the we have to return to quarantine, classes will resume online via Zoom again.  We are so looking forward to  welcoming new students and encouraging every child  giving them the opportunity to perform. As we hope for restrictions to be lifted further, DancePro Academy endeavours to keep you informed on how and when we can move to the next phase, following the government guidelines. 

View our classes and timetable to see if there is something of interest. It is easy to register, book and pay for 3 trial classes, drop-in classes or for the full term however if you would like more information of to speak to someone you are always welcome to contact us.

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It has been confirmed that DancePro Academy is able to return to the Ware Arts Centre and Christchurch school in  September.  Obviously, this will be day to day depending on what the government says however I am willing and ready (desperate) to go back to the studio.  Should there be any period of time where the government or venues announce that we cannot continue, classes will immediately be resumed online.  
There are limited places as the government have stated 15 students per adult so I have not transferred any student over.  You must register your child in the class(es) you wish to attend by clicking here if you are a new customer or going to your account and registering.
Account > register for a class > select class > select enrol/trial/drop in > click finish registration > acknowledge T&C and you’re on the register.  

Payment doesn’t need to be received immediately but must be made prior to the first class.  A 10% discount will be applied to all fees for the Autumn term for those who have attended throughout lockdown. This excludes any current discounts in place; therefore, if you attend two or more classes you will receive a further 10% and if you do 3 or more you will receive a further 15% discount. 

DancePro Academy believes that students will benefit greatly from attending our classes.  Not only can students see their friends and maintain a healthy lifestyle it adds structure to their day and is so good for their mental health and wellbeing. Moving physically and concentrating on something else, allows young adults to get out of their own head and think about something different. So, please, get in touch to find a class for you and join the DancePro family.

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The Summer Academy was wonderful. I feel my daughter really improved and definitely enjoyed it.

5 stars

Jennifer Cave

Gill’s adult ballet class is great fun and great exercise too. Gill provides a really welcoming and comfortable atmosphere so that everyone can join in, no matter what their level of ballet experience. Highly recommended!

5 stars

Theresa Malone

Q: Which class(es) do you attend? What is your favourite and why?
A: Ballet, tap and modern. My favourite is modern because it’s really fun.
Q: Do you have a different circle of friends at DancePro Academy than at school? What do you think the benefits are of having a different group of friends here?
A: Yes. It’s good because it’s nice to have lots of friends.
Q: What do you think about the teachers and staff?
A: I think the teachers are good. Miss Gill is fun.
Q: What is your favourite part about attending DancePro Academy?
A: Getting to dance to music and playing games in the modern class.
Q: Did you participate in the show? How did you find the experience?
A: Yes I was in the show, it was amazing. I loved being on the stage, I wish I could go on stage every week!

5 stars

Laylah, Aged 6

My daughter has been part of the DancePro Family now for nearly six years. She started out with mini musical theatre and now does 3 classes a week. She absolutely loves them and adores Miss Gill. Her passion is obvious and mirrored by the students- it's infections. She is a fabulous teacher and a lovely person. We are so please to have found her!

5 stars

Amy and Betsy

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