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Enjoy and enhance through performance and dance

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All your dance wear can be purchased here!
If there is something that you would like and cannot see, or a size which you are struggling to buy, feel free to ask me so I can order it in.  As well as dance wear uniform for the ISTD classes, we have all your dance wear needs.  Accessories for your hair, bags, notebooks and so much more can be purchased here or through your parent portal. 

Wearing a uniform is important for many reasons.  It can make people feel part of something, like a family or community, giving them a place and purpose in society. Uniforms can be recognisable to others, it also eliminates and social classism as the latest fashion doesn’t come into it. 
DancePro Academy has a uniform for these reasons and also because dance and the performing industry is a discipline.  Students need to be well groomed when standing in front of an audience and they need to feel as comfortable as possible. If they have rehearsed and know the steps, what they’re wearing is an added thing they can feel comfortable with.  Those with their hair hanging in front of their face all the time may feel self conscious if it is scrapped back in a ballet bun for the first time. Just as if they’re wearing tracksuit bottoms and then have to wear a leotard and tights. 
Dancepro Academy has a simple uniform for ballet, which can be worn with tights or socks. Pink satin ballet shoes are elasticated until grade 2 when ribbons should be worn. Tap shoes come in a variety of Styles ranging in price.  It is true the better the tap shoe, the better the sound that is made- Tele tone taps really help! However you don’t have to spend the earth while your child is young. For musical theatre and street dance jazz shoes are worn with leggings and the DancePro Academy t-shirt which you receive with the registration fee.