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Spring term Newsletter

14th January 2021

… And we are now into the Spring term!  What!? When? Where was I when all of that happened? I’ll tell you, I was in bed with COVID 19! I managed to sleep through Christmas and NewYear and have woke just in time for Boris’s lockdown announcement.  I’m currently still too poorly to mind but I’m sure I will join the rest of you and get frustrated soon enough- ha! Joking aside, we all know, staying at home is for the greater good.

I’ve got to say the Autumn term was a great one.  Well done for showing up, working hard, improving, all whilst sticking to unfamiliar and evolving rules.  Even though the Spring term is going to be online, I am actually really excited about it.  We have already had 2 successful workshops- a TikTok workshop with Jonathan Mawson and Miss Jodie’s workshop for younger students where I received fantastic feedback!
This term will now run from the 11th January – 28th March with no half term.  (11 consecutive weeks)
Zoom codes will be given out later today

We welcome back Miss Jodie to teach with us regularly and also joining DancePro is Miss Lydia.   Miss Lydia has been stuck up North and was due to teach for us last term.  However, now on Zoom, we can make this happen.  Fingers crossed she can get back to Ware soon and join the team in real life!
I will be available to cover all classes should any teacher fall poorly and Miss Lucy and Miss Charlotte are also on standby.

Workshops/ add ons
As the timetable has been condensed, there will be no syllabus run and students will be working on new vocabulary or perfecting familiar vocabulary. I am looking at organising a few more workshops which will be free to students enrolled in classes. Ex students and friends of DancePro Academy will this time, be charged a small fee.

Once I am better and get organised, I will also be offering 15minute 1-1 sessions for those wishing to take LAMDA exams once the world opens up again; again free of charge to DPA students while we’re online.

I feel a great term ahead… We really know how to make lemons into lemonade!

Exams Certificates
Finally, I have ballet reports and certificates from exams that were taken almost a year ago!  We were so lucky to squeeze the exam session in before the first lockdown, just unfortunate certificates weren’t able to be printed.  None the less, here they are!  The next step is just seeing you to pass them on…

PG Cert
The PG Certification is a Level 7 teaching qualification that is studied over a 2 year period.  Performers college, run by a company called Bimm, has offered to pay for me and a few others to do this qualification and I have accepted- a little nervous as academia isn’t my strong point (hence the career I chose!) But hopefully I will get into the swing of things and achieve another string to my bow.

Review DancePro Academy
If you have the time please could you review DancePro Academy?  Here are a few links, I’m sure there are plenty more places to review too- and I know your opinion will help new parents and students

Google Review

Facebook Review

Yell Review

Netmums Review

A special thanks
I would like to say a big thank you to all the emails and texts I received wishing me well.  Even though I didn’t respond to all of them (I was just too poorly at the time) they really were appreciated.  I received advise and information from many of you parents and I have to say, it was all valued.  I received video messages, beautiful posters and cards that students had made.  Thank you for making me feel so loved!

A special shout out goes to Natasha and Ailís, who brought me fruit, vitamins, homemade dinners and beautiful flowers from Emily- a heartfelt thank you. 


I don’t want to harp on about it but if I were to pass on anything I would say this:

Suggestions for your cupboard

I experienced so many symptoms but not a temperature.  And it didn’t start with a cough/restricted breathing or loss of taste/smell although I did experience these a few days in.  The symptoms weren’t/ aren’t consistent and came and went every 3 or 4 days. Recovery appears incredibly slow and I still feel massive fatigue after doing the simplest of tasks – like  making breakfast or emptying the dishwasher. I will be happy to help anyone with questions or run deliveries to people once I can.  I am eager to help others just as I was so generously looked after.

As we all know, staying at home is for the greater good but if I see the saying ‘Keep calm and Carry on’ one more time… [insert your own relevant emoji here]  Telling me to calm down is a red bull to a flag or whatever the saying is- so I’ve changed it to…

Stay Safe, Stay Sane and Stay Fabulous!