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Half Term Catch Up

25th October 2020

Well done everyone for making it through the half term.  

To be honest I couldn’t be happier! Even though many of our students decided not to return to DancePro Academy, we welcomed many more.  I love that our network keeps growing.  

Spring Term

I can’t quite believe I am talking about this already.  I will open up the registration for the Spring term at the end of the half term.  Like this term, places are restricted so you will need to register for the classes you would like to attend. Once you have completed the steps and acknowledged the Terms and Conditions, you will be on the register and your account will be charged.  Unless you do this your place isn’t guaranteed. 

You account > register for a class > Spring term > select the class > select either Trial or enrol > Finish registration> acknowledge T&C

The time table will be staying the same.  fees can be seen here

Uniform and appearance

Please ensure that you have the correct uniform for classes as it is part of the discipline and creates a feeling of unity and professionalism and less of a “club” vibe.  If you have any secondhand uniform to sell or pass on, please do so via our Facebook page.  I am happy to be the go between.
Hair for classes should be neat and off the face for ALL classes.  there are technical reasons for this so please could you encourage your Tots- teens to wear their hair up. For ballet hair should be in a classical style.  Simple styles would be a bun or plaits across the head.  Headbands are available 

A classical bun for ballet      Plaits across the head hairstyle



As we say goodbye to Kieran we welcome Charlotte for street dance.  Another young, cool and vibrant dancer to inspire students.  You can read about her and see a few YouTube clips on her page.   

Have You…

It is very important that I know of any high risk students, allergies etc and wether children have permission to be on social media when I am sharing photos.  All photos are put in the “studio cloud” which can be found in your account under “shared files”.

Covid 19

I have to say that everyone involved with DPA  are all being very sensible and singing from the same hymn sheet.  To reassure you, the studios and toilets are cleaned before we enter the building and either Abbie or myself does all the touch spots frequently.  Students are spaced, the younger ones using spots and the older students know how to keep their spacing.  If you have any concerns please do contact me.  

Black Friday

I am working on a few offers for Black Friday, so do keep your eyes peeled in case there is something that interests you


Happy Halloween