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Guest teacher workshop success

6th March 2021

A Massive thank you to our guest teachers

Lockdown didn’t stop DancePro Academy dancers!  They have enjoyed 8 guest teachers doing workshops for us each Friday in new styles of dance to broaden students experiences.  Feedback shows that 100% of students enjoyed the guest workshops.  The booking processes was easy and the duration was just about the right length.

For older students we had Contemporary with Josh, jazz with Lydia, Sophia from New Adventures, Laban Drama with Ed and of course Claudimar Neto, little Mix choreographer was a big attraction!  Younger students had Parties with Elsa, Peppa Pig, and our very own Miss Jodie

While zoom can be frustrating, it has given us an amazing opportunity to have these fantastic guest teachers educate us and share their knowledge about the industry.  It would be so lovely to have more workshops, to keep the momentum going- Thank you to all our guest teachers!

Contemporary Workshop with Josh CrowtherLittle Mix Choreographer Claudimar NetoSophia Hurdley New AdventuresMuddy Puddle Peppa Pig workshop with Melanie
Party with Princess BelleEdward Nkom acting and Drama teacherMiss Jodie's professional headshot


DancePro Academy can’t wait to get back in the studio again.  We are due to open on the 12th April with our summer timetable, which will hopefully expand throughout the term providing the map out of lockdown doesn’t change. 

To enrol into a class you will need to create an account and then click ‘register for a class’.  Only the classes suitable for your child will show.  I hope to see you in the Summer term!