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Exams 2020

27th March 2020

Our exams 2020 were a huge success. Beginning with LAMDA and ISTD Ballet tap and modern following, students achieved outstanding results!

It was the first time DancePro Academy had entered for the LAMDA exams and I found children very receptive to the work.  I enjoyed rehearsing the students and learned lots.  We had some extra help from Natasha, who has coached Lamda in the past. We entered for Introductory Levels 1 & 2, Acting solos and Group Devised Drama.  Our examiner Mrs Lynsky was very friendly and appear to really enjoy watching the children’s work.  Her results and reports reflected this.  

Six weeks later, we had our ISTD Modern and Tap exams with Miss O’Dowd.  All the students came out smiling and happy with their exam.  Lastly, it was the ballet exams with Miss Avis.  Once again a very positive experience for the students.  With immaculate hair and uniform, there is a real sense of occasion. 

The results reflected how much effort and time the students had studied and I genuinely could not have been more proud.  Students are awarded Fail, Pass, Merit or Distinction and ALL our DancePro Students were Merits and Distinctions!  

Even though the exams are hard work, they are such a positive education for the children.  An unknown professional giving them their opinion on what they see on the day and marks showing areas where they can improve.  

The other positive to continuing with all these exams is that Graded exams are standardised with the educational exams. ( Following the ‘Regulated Qualification Framework’) Therefore, grades are an equivalent taking a GCSE and at Level 3 exams, they can be used to obtain UCAS points. 

So you can see these classes really are so beneficial in more ways than just having fun! To look and see if there is a class that may suit you, click here




Level 1 LAMDA exams (Grades 1-3)

Grades 1-3 

GCSE (Grade D-G/ 1,2,3)
NVQ Level 1
Foundation Diploma
Key Skills Level 1
BTEC Award- Certificate & Diploma Level 1
Foundation Learning Level 1
Functional Skills Level 1
Cambridge National Level 1

Level 2 LAMDA exams (Grades 4-5)

Grades 4-5 and Intermediate Foundation

GCSE (Grade A*-C/ 4-9)
NVQ Level 2
Higher Diploma
Key Skills Level 2
BTEC Award- Certificate & Diploma Level 2
Functional Skills Level 2
Cambridge National Level 2
Cambridge Technical Level 2

Level 3 (Grade 6-8)

Grade 6 and Intermediate

AS & A Level
Advanced Extension Award
Cambridge International Award
International Baccalaureate
Key Skills Level 3
NVQ Level 3
Advanced Diploma
Progression Diploma
BETC Award, certificate and Diploma Level 3
BTEC National
Cambridge Technical Level 3