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Digital Dance Academy

4th April 2020

DPA is launching its Digital Dance Academy
I know that the last three or four weeks have been filled with uncertainty, but DPA is something you can be certain about! The school has not only risen to this new challenge, but we have surpassed our own expectations on what a Digital Dance Academy can provide to our students. I am honestly so thrilled to fill you in on plans for keeping your dancer engaged, educated, and connected. We will be switching to Zoom for the summer term so watch your inbox for a separate email on accessing the new Digital Dance Academy.

Digital Learning – any time, any way you like
Take dance class at your own convenience, from your own home. All lessons, all styles are included in our digital dance academy that our students will now have unlimited access to until our studio doors are back open.

Live classes with feedback from teachers!
I know how important social interaction and familiar faces are. I will be hosting a full complement of live classes so that your child maintains their connection with their teacher and classmates, as well as keeping up their progress in their dance training.

Why maintaining dance education is important
I can think of many more reasons, but here are a few from Dance Educators about why dance education should be continued online. I am committed to your child’s mental health and artistic, creative, and physical development. When so many other things have been taken away, it is my mission to provide the absolute best to your children during this time.

7 reasons why students should continue their dance and drama education online

Studio Cloud
I have gathered and prepared things for your children to do at home and put it in the ‘Studio Cloud’.  
There are colouring pages, (numbers 1-13 for younger children, 13 – 40 older children) activities, tutorials and Toddler Time.  There are links to various other sites such as my friend is head of Early years education in a school and has a private YouTube channel where she is doing activities with her child and she is happy for me to share that with you so your little one can continue maths and phonics.  There is a link to a site which is showing musicals.  Another company is doing ballet tutorials which I would really like the students to watch!  I have a silly game or activity being posted on the Facebook Page at 10 am which might be a bit of entertainment if your children do get  bored and of course keep adding to the site if I find anything.

 To find this you will need to head to your parent portal and scroll to “shared files”

I hope this is helpful for you.

Tuition Plans
I have three goals in facing the current pandemic. 

  1. Ensure the stability of DancePro Academy so that our families have a rich, vibrant community to come back to after this crisis. 
  2. Continue to pay employees so that they can support their families during this time.
  3. Offer our students stability, mentorship, and continued training to support their mental health and dance progress.

In order to achieve these goals, I have decided to take the follow steps in terms of tuition payments. 

Give 10% reduction in tuition for the Autumn term to all families that are staying with DancePro Academy during the time we are Digital. 

Offer payment plans as needed for any family who is concerned about future income and needs to adjust their tuition payment. Please get in touch.

I trust our families and we know that you put your trust in me. If your family has been financially affected by this crisis, I will do my very best to accommodate you, please just reach out and I am happy to work with you. I know how much all of you value your dancer’s education and are so proud to have the support of our DPA families.

Notice period deadlines and surcharges for late payments have been lifted until the 31st December 2020.

I hope you have been enjoying a few little performances at at home with your children but I would like to talk about the plans for the DancePro Academy show.  

I’ve not cancelled the show as I would really like something to look forward, as I am sure you would too.  It may not be to the same standard as previous shows due to not being able to rehearse together however this will give the students something to work towards and focus on.  

So as it stands the show is  still going  ahead, unless the government or theatre prevents it.  Should this happen and we are forced to not perform, I will 

a) ask for a later date 
b) if they can’t give us a later date, find a different venue 
c) refund show fees paid/ deduct from the following term 

If DPA’s booking with the Hertford Theatre is cancelled due to the corona virus, tickets bought will be refunded.  As I’ve not officially cancelled the show, the theatre are not refunding tickets yet. Obviously this will change as the circumstances change.

We’ve Got This
Like many of you, there have been times over the past couple of weeks that I have felt lost, overwhelmed, and ready to just sit down and cry. This is all new territory and all I want is to be back to “normal.” I want to be in the studio with the students, not in front of a computer screen. I want to hear their voices, give them high-fives, push their elbows up and fix their posture! 

So many of you have sent me such supportive messages and made me realise that this will just be one more chapter in your dancer’s story that they look back on with fond memories. Because the magic of dance doesn’t happen in one class or in one studio. It happens over a lifetime of loving a place and people and an art form so much that it leaves an indelible mark on your heart. A mark that compels me to get up and put my face on, a mark that nurtures your children, creates a memory, a legacy of dance family that isn’t held within the four walls of the studio. And that legacy will continue far beyond this one challenge. So don’t worry family…we’ve got this!