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DancePro Academy Fete

22nd May 2021

We’re having a Fete to celebrate the end of term!

As it is not possible to have a show this year or a watch week …and times are a little unpredictable, we have decided to go ahead and organise a Fete!  

Details for Summer feteClasses are combining to perform something small in the form of a showcase.  A Fete is not going to be quite the same as a show, as children will be able to see you so they might just watch you watching them, however I think it is an amazing idea to have something to look forward to!
I have organised a Bouncy Castle, a popcorn machine and an ice cream van. There are 2 climbing frames for children and I’ll be bringing my parachute, pompoms, hula hoops tambourines for a bit of a sensory play area and a teddy bear’s picnic area.  

I am trying to find a few costumes for the students however as I’m not charging a “production fee” I will be asking for a bit of help with providing costumes for some classes.  To cover costs, I am asking for just £5 entry for anyone over 16 years old.  

Are there any parents out there who could possible help out?  The bouncy castle, the popcorn machine, the gates so no children leave without permission or parents, a few possibly to lead the children out to the Performance Area.  Perhaps you could work in shifts?? 

A Fete is always great fun for the children and I feel adults often get left out so once the performance is over and the children are returned to parents, we will have A QUEST for the adults to participate in too. 

I hope for the Fete to be a fun way to celebrate the end of term, the Summer and most importantly the end of lockdown- in lots of fresh air.  It is not just for DancePro Academy students so do invite others along too, everyone is welcome.  And bring a picnic!