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Covid 19 Charity Talent Show

31st May 2020

Home start Hertfordshire charityWhat a success the Covid 19 Talent Show was! Raising Money for Home Start Hertfordshire. 

Kicking off with Hayden’s magic tricks, the entertainer wore a top hat and cape while performing tow card tricks.  No idea how he did them at all but cards flipped from front to back and shocked us all!  Orla was up next. She wrote a poem influenced by Kit Wright’s poem, The Magic Box. Her use of language and performance was beautiful.  Betsy sang her little heart out.  ‘Tomorrow’ from the musical Annie, was performed with confidence and a smile ,we were all bursting with pride. Bianka found a song about a baked potato reminding us to wash our hands.  She had made puppets and posters to help with the song making it a little NHS advertisement! Georgina also wrote a poem expressing how grateful she is for the NHS and her thoughts on the Covid 19 Pandemic. Read ‘Thank You NHS’ below. Evie, played the piano for us.  She wore a beautiful dress and concentrated so hard as she has only been playing for a few months! We were so pleased that the Talent Show was her first piano performance and she made it one to remember! Mackenzie played the electric guitar.  He played a section from 2 different songs and performed brilliantly- he quite enjoyed being a rockstar!! Joel began learning the drums just after lockdown started and has used YouTube as a teacher.  Unfortunately, the drums were so loud the sound overloaded the laptop so his mum (my sister) sent a recording after for me to share.  You can watch it here: Joel on Drums

It should be forgotten that these students (and my nephews) chose to give up their time to practice and perform for a great charity, Home- Start Hertfordshire .  Home-Start Hertfordshire are helping vulnerable families in this time of crisis get the support they need. We raised £160 which will be a great help to your local families.  A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all who donated and took part. xxx 

Thank You NHS, by Georgina, aged 8
The NHS have put up a fight,
To the virus, so we clap on Thursday night.
They really have been trying to make,
This awful virus take a break.
That’s why we say a big well done,
Because, although, we’re in lockdown we’re having fun.
They risk their lives for us to live,
That’s why we really want to give,
Our thankfulness and appreciation,
Our gratefulness and congratulations.
We know it’s hard, they’re really trying,
To not make the virus terrifying.
We’ll get through it, though the date’s a mystery,
Then eventually the virus’ll be history.