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Activity Pack

15th February 2021

After lockdown Wish list As a well done for making it to half term I created an Activity Pack for you to enjoy! It has been a log ol’ slog and students have been glued to their screens so I was thinking of an activity where they could be entertained but away from the laptop.  

Don’t get too excited, this is my first attempt at creating something like this!  

There are word searches, a cross word and an unscramble words activity.  Colouring for younger students and mindfulness colouring for older students.  I created a little weekly planner so students can organise their time.  I’ve added a little game for students to choose words that would best describe their personality and consider why, to help with social development and interpersonal skills. For all the book worms out there, there is a book mark where you can print both sides cut them out and stick them together! For older students there is “self esteem bingo” I’m not sure how they might like to use this but some of the suggestions are thought provoking.  

Something I included in the activity pack that the whole family can enjoy is a wish list for after lockdown.  I would love to see/ hear some of the things you plan on doing once we have a bit more freedom. 

As a bit of fun, I thought it would be nice to see what DancePro Academy means to all of you.  By adding a word to the link below, that you feel appropriate we can enjoy and watch the DancePro Academy garden of words grow. It will be so nice to share…  ‘Whats DancePro Academy means to you’ garden

Lastly, If you would like to reward your child, I have made a certificate!  You can print it, fill it in and they can feel proud of themselves.  Always nice to have a certificate on the fridge! 

I do hope that you enjoy the Activity Pack. It can be found in the parent portal under ‘shared files’ or below. Feel free to share it amongst friends as I am sure they’re just as desperate for something easy and fun to do.  Also, feel free to send in your answers as I know I’d love to read them!! 

Mindfulness colouring 
Mindfulness colouring
Mindfulness colouring
Kids colouring 
Kids colouring
Crossword- All Things Theatre
Unscramble the musicals
Theatre word search
Junior Ballet word search
Senior Ballet word search
Describe your personality
After Lockdown Wish list
Self-esteem bingo