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Show 2019

Magical Moments

                                                                                    Organising ‘Magical Moments’ is now well under way!  Showtime at DancePro Academy

I am planning the dances and themes for the show, sourcing costumes for each student, looking into props the children could use and of course, organising the insurances.  

The Hertfordshire County Council need to know each student’s name date of birth address and contact number as well as any adult who is volunteering their time to help!  There are many hoops to jump through so please be patient with me and help me out by reading emails carefully.  I will try my best at posting emails in the parent portal and on the website page below and notify you in the Facebook Group too.  

I will be posting on social media as much as I can to help with awareness about the show so please, Like/Share/tag yourselves. 

This is a really exciting time for everyone in the DancePro Academy Family.  I hope that you can all enjoy it as much as I do! 

Book your tickets at the Hertford Theatre Box office.  Call: 01992 531500 or book online

I am, as always, looking for volunteers from parents to get the show on the road and as successful as possible. 
Costume monitors would be in charge of the costumes for that class and items need to be named and organised so nothing is lost.  You would need to bring the costumes to the theatre and then collect them at the end of the second show on the 14th.  Wash the costumes and return to me at a later date which will be confirmed. 
Dressers: For many reasons, no parent is allowed to look after their own child backstage.  However if you would like to help out for one or both of the of the shows, I can organise a class for you to look after.  As I have to submit to the Council all the children participating and all those helping out, it would be amazing if anyone helping has a DBS/ CRB/ Chaperone licence/ first aid etc.
Wardrobe: Can you sew? Make costumes? Most costumes will be bought/ hired but may need altering or if there is something missing, duplicated.
Graphics– it was lovely to have a program last year.  is anyone able to design a programme for us? 
Carpentry/ building stuff: It is nice to have little props and sets.  Would you be interested in making something?
Artists: the items that are made would need painting… 
Does anyone have a plastic garden slide they no longer want or that I can borrow?