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Your Questions Answered

Talented children's agency

Welcome to DancePro Agency!  Read on to find out answers to the most common questions we have come across or get in touch for any other questions you may have.

Do I have to audition?
For the first year DancePro Academy will not be auditioning for clients however this will be introduced where potential artists will have to sing/ dance to ensure the quality of performers we’re putting forward.

How do I enrol?
Get in touch with Gill or Karen.  

What are the costs?
Each client must be a member of Spotlight.  This is a directory that all performers are registered on and where casting directors look. Being a Spotlight member is the best way for any young performer to be found for professional casting opportunities. The membership costs £98.00 and is open all year round to those aged 4 – 25 years who are represented by an approved Spotlight agency or stage school. 

It is highly recommended that you have a head shot taken.  This goes out to employers where they can see children before calling them for a casting or audition.  If we can get a group of people together, TalbotLee Photography are happy to take your child’s picture for £80. 

Your child’s credentials will be put on the Spotlight website.  Pictures do not have to be but they would be sent to casting directors.  It would not be advised to join if you are uncomfortable with your child being in the public eye.  The handling of your information will adhere to the new GDPR regulations.

Do I have to attend a certain Dance School?
No.  Clients can enrol from various schools and DancePro Agency is happy to represent them.  It is not up to the agency to choose who gets employed so there will be no prejudice. It is etiquette that you stay committed to the school that trained your child.

How much commission does DancePro Agency take?
For an ‘open’ audition will be commission free. A ‘closed’ audition DancePro Agency will take commission.
Commission ranges between 15% and 25% depending on the fee paid to the artist.  

15%     £0- £100
20%     £101 – £200
25%     £201- plus

What is an ‘open’ or ‘closed’ audition?
An open audition or ‘call’ is for people to attend that are not necessarily represented by an agent, although it helps.  For these calls the agent has minimal input for the artists contract and fee. For a closed call, any negotiations or offers and contracts are passed through the agent. 

Can I be with more than one agency?
DancePro Agency is a ‘Sole Agency’.  Therefore, if you would like to enrol onto our books, you cannot be associated with another agency.

Is my child guaranteed a job?
No- no agency can guarantee a job as they’re not casting the position available.  DancePro Academy will put forward children who fit the credentials sent. 

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