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Client Directory 

We are always looking for clients to join the DancePro Agency so please get in touch if you are interested.  All clients are advised to have current headshots for us to put forward to casting directors so they can see at a glance if you are suitable for the role they’re searching for.  Clients would also need to be a member of Spotlight. This means their details are easily available to view, send and share amongst the industry directors.  

Being on any agency does not guarantee work.  Children may have to attend castings that are during school hours or on weekends and short notice which can be a huge inconvenience.  Some companies do pay travel to attend others do not and you can be asked to be seen several times before they make their final choice.  

While it can appear disheartening, we think the performing industry has so much to offer and the unique experiences children receive far out weights the difficulties. 

 Lottie, 11Lottie Casserley

Isabelle Sides Isabelle Sides

Mollie CasserleyMollie Casserley

Lexie Mae Final

Lexie Mae Final

Alisa Safina

Alisa Safina

Teddy SabertonTeddy Saberton

Mollie, 11Molly Tower

Asher-Grey Goodwin

Asher- Grey Goddwyn

Lilly, 15

Lilly Winn

Zach Woods

Zach Woods

Robyn Jade Mcilveen Robyn Jade Mcilveen

Max Reddington Bahous Parnell




Headshot for Sophia Clarke

Sophia Clarke