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Documents and Procedures

COVID 19 has been a strain on all of us in one way or another.  As DancePro Academy opens our doors, we would like to make you feel as safe as possible and have confidence in us that we are doing everything in our power to create and maintain an environment that is safe for your children. 

Below are some links where you can download our policies and procedures that are directly COVID 19 related.

The ‘Health form’ should be completed by each student and handed in at their first class.  Should your circumstances change such as travelling abroad or being in contact with someone who has been tested positive, you will need to bring a new form declaring your child health, to their next class. 
Health form

As everyone has had a unique experience, children may mention their feelings in class.  In order to move forward with class work and  yet still showing the support the student needs, I have a few examples of how to steer the conversation
Supporting conversations with children

Student and teacher wellbeing is crucial and a very high priority as this is what makes the DancePro Academy Family work.  Please don’t feel isolated during this time and ask questions if you have any concerns.  The likelihood is that someone else is feeling the same or it could be something that I’ve not thought of.  As no one really knows what is best or what anyone has experienced, please be respectful of others at all times.
Wellbeing of students and teachers

I thought it best to put something together regarding student behaviour to ensure that we are all singing from the same hymn sheet
Student Behaviour policy Addendum

Guidance for early years is a difficult one as they are so young to understand the severity of what is happening.  All we can do is our best to promote and instil healthy habits. Here is the policy which I will be using.
Early Years

DancePro Academy welcomes students with additional needs providing their differences allow them to participate safely.  Therefore, it is good practice to have policies incorporating SEN students.
SEN Students and COVID

Finally, the all important risk assessment.  While the outcome may not change the steps to avoid the outcome can be managed.  
Risk Assessment- COVID

I hope this has instilled a little confidence in you before returning to classes this Autumn.  While I am restricted on places in the classes, there are a few left so check out the timetable and see if there is something you fancy. 

Any concerns or questions, feel free to contact DancePro Academy