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Further Information

Enjoy and enhance through performance and dance

For further information regarding Dance class etiquettes, student presentation and conduct, please read below.


For our dance classes, pupils are required to wear the correct uniform with neat hair as it not only provides a disciplined approach to class but also, on a health and safety note, it allows teachers to observe and correct alignment.

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Studio conduct

Please ensure hair is tied back off your child’s face. Hair should be in a classical style for ballet with no fringes.

Should your child wish to go to the toilet during a class, I will ask them to complete the exercise they are doing and then go. Please encourage your child to go before their class as once one child asks to go, it’s more contagious than the measles!

Additional Information
The number of classes on the timetable will increase as the school grows.  Please contact Miss Gill if you are interested in taking a class as we may be able to accommodate immediately.