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Exam Information

Everything you need to know about ISTD Exams.

We have now completed our exams for 2020 and will be doing another session in 2021. 

DancePro Academy has another exam session coming up.  I have been asked many questions about what it entails and what the students need to wear or bring with them so keep reading to find out more.  If you still have questions… feel free to contact me.  


2020 Exam times and dates

You must arrive 20minutes prior to your exam time if you are preparing your own hair or 40 minutes if you would like help with hair. Check your exam or rehearsal time by clicking below

Modern And Tap


What to wear, hair and what to bring

If you need to order new shoes or socks or modern leotard, please do so as soon as possible! 

Primary ballet exams

Ballet Pre- Primary – Grade 1
Sky- blue ballet leotard front. Chiffon skirt.  Pink ballet socks and pink satin ballet shoes. Elastics need to be sewn on so they don’t fall off. Uniform including socks and shoes must be clean. Older girls can wear tights and no skirt for Grade 1. Hair: Plaits across the head/ two twists into a bun/ plaited log. Ribbon is supplied by DancePro Academy but please return it at the end of your exam for the next candidates.



Students ready to danceModern Primary – Grade 1
A kingfisher high neck, keyhole back leotard.  Bare feet. Hair: as fancy as you like providing dancers can lay flat on the floor, turn their head freely and it doesn’t fall out! Ribbon is supplied by DancePro Academy but please return it at the end of your exam for the next candidates.
Modern Grade 2 – 3
A purple high neck, keyhole back leotard. Black footless tights. Bare feet. Hair: As for Primary

Tap Primary – Grade 1
Modern leotard with black footless tights.  I have provided a few black circular skirts.  Taps shoes must have elastic in them- no laces. Hair: As for Modern

Checklist of what to bring for hair 
Grips, pins, minimum of 4 hair elastics and bun nets all the same colour as your child’s hair. Comb, brush, hairspray/ hair gel.

What happens in the exam

Students will be going into the exam in groups and for the Primary Modern and Tap and the Pre Primary ballet, a teacher is with them too.  The examiners are lovely ladies who only want the candidates experience to be a positive one.  They will just sit at the table and the children will perform their exercises guided by the teacher or the examiner.  The examiner will make notes throughout on various criteria giving marks out of 10.  These points are then added up to a total out of a hundred.   There is a real sense of occasion and exams at this level should be a positive experience and not something to be feared. 

What are the students marked on and how are they graded? 

Ballet- Marking Explained
Modern- Marking Explained
Tap- Marking Explained