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Enjoy and enhance through performance and dance


per child per class

payable termly


Age Range: reception year +

Timetable: Tuesday- 4pm Juniors
Tuesday- 4:45pm Inters
Tuesday- 5:45pm Seniors
Finish at 6:45pm

Duration: 45 minutes

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Our Commercial Classes are taught by Miss Lydia.  This is a fun and funky class using popular music where children can learn moves of street dance and Hip Hop. Compromising of warm ups, stretches, jumps and leaps followed by an energetic routine.

You’ll need to bring lots of energy and a bottle of water!

Class times and duration may have been adapted to accommodate lockdown, while we were running online and loss of students.  As the school builds back up, the timetable will resume as it was before.  Please refer to the timetable to see current class details or create an account here.


Information found on google about Commercial dance: Commercial is a style taken from many other dance disciples (such as jazz, street, modern and hip hop) and is a combination of self expression, energy and performance. Commercial has its roots in hip-hop dance, which was the dancing side of the culture that emerged in the 1970s. TV shows such as Soul Train and later Breakin’, Beat Style and Wild Style in the 1980s saw that hip-hop dance become something that everyone was aware of, even if they couldn’t do it themselves!