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Baby Ballet

Enjoy and enhance through performance and dance


per child per class

payable termly


Age Range: From 2.5 years to reception year

Timetable: Wednesdays: 2:00pm
Saturdays at 9:30am

Duration: 30 minutes

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Baby ballet uses imagination, creativity and music. 

Each week, your ballerina will enjoy jumping and twirling with their friends!  Baby ballet encourages physical development such as gaining control over limbs and use of extremities.  Cognitive and social development is stretched by independence, confidence and engagement with others. A 30 minute class for children aged 3 years to starting reception. Your child will be introduced to ballet moves that are challenging yet manageable, as they’re engaged in the magic of imagination!  We encouraging them to focus, concentrate, wait for their turn and remember where they were standing, which is also quite tricky!  

Learning through play, we allow our toddlers and preschoolers the opportunity to express themselves, have fun and make new friends. We have a gorgeous  uniform which can be purchased through DancePro Academy if you wish.  Sometimes the uniform is more impressive than the class!  

Parents are not in the room for this class so if you or your child is apprehensive about being left it might be a good idea to enrol in the Toddler time class for a term while you both become accustomed to DancePro Academy classes. More classes will be added on demand.

Class times and duration may have been adapted to accommodate lockdown, while we were running online and loss of students.  As the school builds back up, the timetable will resume as it was before.  Please refer to the timetable to see current class details.  Create your account here