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DancePro Academy now offers Online classes for your children to enjoy.  While schools aren’t open for children to attend, join us for some structure, discipline and routine to your child’s day. View our timetable here

Create an account with DancePro Academy.  Our parent portal allows you to enrol in classes, see statements, view shared files from previous classes, Add medical details, acknowledge waivers and so much more! Create your account HERE

Our usual venues are currently closed along with everything else.  For your future knowledge; Monday to Thursday, classes are held at ‘The Ware Arts Centre, Kibes Lane, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 7BS’.  There is a ticketed car park outside where you can get 30 minutes free, but ensure to ALWAYS register your registration number into the machines!
Saturday classes are held at ‘Christchurch School, Bowling Road, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 7EF’  If you enter via Bowling Road, you can drive and park in the playground.

DancePro Academy offers a wide range of dance and performing arts classes to suit you and your children. For more information or any queries you may have, contact DancePro Academy here.

Ballet starts with baby ballet from as young as two and a half.  Once starting Reception at school children can progress into the ISTD syllabus work where exams can be introduced.  Technical exercises and presentation would all go towards final results. Modern can begin at Reception or year 1. Again, creative exercises and dances are rehearsed and perfected for exams but also beneficial in learning technique. Tap is introduced at reception.  Gaining control over the ankles and learning to go “through the feet” rather than moving flat-footed children love the noise and the challenge. Performing arts is a great class for children who like singing, dancing and acting.  We also work on voice, physicality confidence and self-esteem.  We also offer weekly Teen and Adult classes.  A great exercise in a creative way; challenging and fun- a great way to destress from school or work.