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Why Dance

Enjoy and enhance through performance and dance

Dance has so many benefits and the skills you learn will be carried throughout life. Not only is it creative and fun but it is also challenging and fulfilling.

Physically, dance provides skills such as co ordination, Kinaesthetic and spacial awarness, a relationship and an appreciation of different styles of music, strength and poise. Socially it can give individuals confidence, self esteem and life skills by working individually or as a team towards events such as exams and shows. Setting obtainable goals in a disciplined environment will allow students to receive praise for hard work and feel a sense of achievement.

Growth follows a pattern; in the early years, from the head to the toes (cephalocaudal) and from the heart to the finger tips (proximodistal). Dance and movement can encourage children to think about gaining control over their extremities. In teenage years this pattern is drastically reversed and body control can be difficult. Learning to stand tall, align and correct the body, nuturing strength development and posture can all help during this difficult phase.

Dancing is a great way to keep fit, working aerobically and anaerobically without realising it! Whether you dance as part of your healthy lifestyle, for social pleasure or as a profession, I think the real question is… why not dance?

There is a class here for every student who longs to dance and perform either for fun or to further their hobby into a career. Check out our current timetable.

DancePro Academy aims to nurture technique to produce a higher standard of dancers whilst building self esteem in each student.

Children have the opportunity and are encouraged to take ISTD examinations in their chosen genre to maintain a standard, structure and achieve goals.

Taught by teachers who are currently working or have worked in the profession to ensure the passion and love of performance is fed through to the next generations. DancePro Academy caters for all.

We strive to provide progression in the most professional way

Students are encouraged to have fun but are taught respect and discipline in their approach to the classes.

We endeavour to have a maximum of students per class (between 15 and 20) to ensure they recieve the attention needed. More classes will be added due to demand so there will always be a place for you!

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