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Why bother with toddler music classes?

Enjoy and enhance through performance and dance

I offer a parent and child class called Mini Musical Theatre for children from the age of 20 months until they begin school.  This class is very popular as it is a great opportunity for parents and children to bond and have fun together and let’s face it who doesn’t love singing and dancing?!

These early years classes are great for introducing children into the class environment. They have the security that their carer is still with them and can see that everyone is following the structure so it’s OK to have fun.

Young children love familiarity and music.  As they learn through repetition and mimicking others, music with lyrics is a great way to help children progress in their development.  Singing can promote the use of language and grammar and extend their vocabulary.  They’re using their vocal muscles to reach different pitches and using breath to sustain notes. 

Expressive exercises

Moving to music can instill rhythm, musicality and emotion. Even through the simplest of movements like marching or clapping, with adults demonstrating the movement rhythmically children find it easy to follow. Slower tempos can indicate more sensitive movements like rocking a teddy to sleep.  Practicing the transference of weight while singing and keeping in time also takes a lot of coordination.


Props and instruments are always an interesting addition to classes for younger children.  Scarves move so differently to pompoms.  Castanets need concentration and accuracy, whereas you can be more aggressive with tambourines.

These classes are so beneficial for parents to bring their young children to, allowing them to meet other parents and be creative in a supported environment. The more imaginative the adults are the more the children are intrigued, the more they copy and then faster they learn.

Try our class to see how quickly their physical and social development improves.
Mini Musical theatre is at 2pm on Mondays during term time only. 

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