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The Marking Structure for Exams


As you can see in the table below, the marking structure for the exams we take has been standardised with the educational exams, following the ‘Regulated Qualification Framework’ Therefore, grades are an equivalent taking a GCSE and at Level 3 exams, they can be used to obtain UCAS points. 

Before entering students in for exams, I ensure to note the three stages of learning.  The student is clumsy at their first attempt of learning a new step or reading a monologue.  It then, after practice, becomes coordinated and familiar.  More rehearsal makes students masterful at their work, executing with accuracy, strength and added performance.

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Level 1 LAMDA exams (Grades 1-3)

Grades 1-3 

GCSE (Grade D-G/ 1,2,3)
NVQ Level 1
Foundation Diploma
Key Skills Level 1
BTEC Award- Certificate & Diploma Level 1
Foundation Learning Level 1
Functional Skills Level 1
Cambridge National Level 1

Level 2 LAMDA exams (Grades 4-5)

Grades 4-5 and Intermediate Foundation

GCSE (Grade A*-C/ 4-9)
NVQ Level 2
Higher Diploma
Key Skills Level 2
BTEC Award- Certificate & Diploma Level 2
Functional Skills Level 2
Cambridge National Level 2
Cambridge Technical Level 2

Level 3 (Grade 6-8)

Grade 6 and Intermediate

AS & A Level
Advanced Extension Award
Cambridge International Award
International Baccalaureate
Key Skills Level 3
NVQ Level 3
Advanced Diploma
Progression Diploma
BETC Award, certificate and Diploma Level 3
BTEC National
Cambridge Technical Level 3

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