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Meet Kieran Hay

Musical Theatre and Street Dance Teacher

Street Dance teacherKieran has been performing since the age of 15, finding a love for street dance. After watching videos of many artists and movies such as Step Up and You Got Served inspired Kieran to pursue a career in the arts. From there, Kieran discovered he could sing so started song writing and years later is working on a release of his first EP!! Most recently, rebranding under the name KieransKingdom which you can find on Instagram and YouTube.
As well as this Kieran has a passion for acting and has since gone to Drama school and proven his versatility as an all-rounder. For the last six years, Kieran has honed in on his skills and applied them to teaching Youth all around Hertfordshire and London. Not only how to enjoy but also improve in the Arts whether its Street dance, Hip Hop, Singing, Acting or combining all three. Kieran is excited to be a part of the DancePro Academy faculty and can’t wait to see how the students develop. He will be teaching Musical Theatre  and Street dance 

Professional Training 
Kieran Graduated from the leading drama school in Europe ArtsEd in 2018. 

Professional Credits


 Fun Facts about Kieran

• When did you fall in love with dance?
I fell in love straight away first with Breakin’ after watching lots of films about dance battles. I wanted to be like Channing Tatum. 

• Where did you train?
I trained at ArtsEd, one of the leading Drama Schools in Europe.

• What is your favourite style of dance?
ooo.. tough one I’d say its a toss up between Hip Hop and House. I love the music of both and I love teaching them both. I think Hip Hop’s culture, straight out of New York, is so beautiful so I think it takes the win. 

• What’s your favourite snack before a class
 Usually a fresh orange or banana… but maybe a bourbon if I’m feeling sneaky. 

• Did a specific teacher or person inspire you to have a career in dance?
I’d say Channing Tatum in Step Up because I saw that tall people could look good dancing and it inspired me to give it a shot. First hand though it would be Kenrick Sandy from Boy Blue I’ve watched his shows since I was 12 they inspired me to grow as a dancer. 

• Do you have any other hobbies?
I’m a massive basketball fan. Call me Troy from High School Musical. I usually play in my spare time. 

• Do you have a Fun Fact to share?
Hmmm. I have moved so many places around the UK growing up I have a very mixed accent and can mimic accents quite quickly. I couldn’t say I truly call anywhere home yet. I’ll know when I find it.  

• Tell us all something we don’t know about you?
I’m big on the environment. Being a proud Vegan, I’m always finding new ways to make food taste better so that I can inspire others to join on my journey and disprove the idea that Vegans can’t be athletes.