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See our lovely DancePro Academy students dancing, acting and singing their hearts out

Have a look at our main gallery to see pictures of DancePro Academy’s classes and achievements.  

The weekly classes are where children practice exercises and routines to improve and learn techniques. These classes are at The Ware Arts Centre Monday to Thursdays and at Christchurch School on Saturdays.  As most of the class is spent teaching, pictures are not a priority but I do try and take a few throughout the term.  

There are also pictures of DancePro Academy’s students’ achievements.  For example, exam days or demonstrations that the students have performed for parents. Recently, it was the Ware Carnival and some children from the Musical theatre, Street Dance and ballet classes performed.  It was a huge success and the crowds applauded and the children loved every minute.

Our show at the Hertford theatre is about to happen next weekend and there will be new pictures added shortly after, so you can see the costumes and some of the backstage shots.  Professional pictures of the children can be bought online on the Carmel Jane website.  A password will be given to you. 

Find out more about the show!

If you’re interested in trying out some of the classes we offer, get in touch now!

DancePro Academy’s photography policy:

Some children are not permitted to be in pictures that are put on social media platforms or used for advertising.  If it is ‘watch week’ or there is a demonstration on, I am happy for you to take pictures however please respect that there are some parents that have not given consent for their children to be on social media and for good reasons too. I would be happy for you to send pictures to me and I can add them to our gallery or Facebook pages after checking them etc. But if you wish to put a picture on your personal pages and there are other children in them, please consult with me first.