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Fees and Financial Terms

How much do our classes cost

Class Fees

DancePro Academy is a business and has many unseen overheads, as all businesses do. We endeavour to support you as much as we can during this difficult time while ensuring we have something to return to once this is all over! 

Auto- Pay
Auto- Pay is run at the end of every month.  If you are registered, any balance that you have on your statement is immediately paid without you having to do anything.  Dancepro Academy or the software we use does not store your bank details, it is all done through the merchant Stripe.  If you are enrolled you can also set up a payment plan so fees are not all taken at once and spread out over an agreed period of time.  To use the Auto- Pay option, head to your account and sign up there.  

ClassesPer class13 week term12 week term11 week term
1 x 30 mins£5£65£60£55
1 x 45 mins£5.75£74.75£69£63.25
1 x 60 mins£7£91£84£77
2 classes10%Per child  
3+ classes15%Per child  

Fees were last adjusted for Autumn 2017 and are increased by approximately 5% every 2 years.

There is one off £10 registration fee per child which includes a DancePro Academy t-shirt.

Financial Terms

Please read the financial terms thoroughly.  Upon registration you have acknowledged that you have read them and therefore legally bound by the terms. I do adhere to these terms and conditions and have previously found that some parents have been left disgruntled as there did not read them. They’re in place to sustain the longevity of DancePro Academy and to ensure overheads can be made each term. If you have any questions regarding the Financial Terms or any of the conditions, please get in touch immediately. Many Thanks. 

Should you wish to leave DancePro Academy, written notice must be given at half a term or fees will be charged in Lieu. Should this policy not be respected, further action will be taken.