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Dance Can Help Confidence Within A Child

Enjoy and enhance through performance and dance

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Some children are less academic than others and I believe this has nothing to do with intelligence. Developmental psychologist Howard Gardener states there are 8 different recognisable intelligences and I believe you just have to find yours. Not knowing or feeling self conscious growing up can damage a child’s self esteem and confidence and they can carry those thoughts into adulthood.

I loved school and enjoyed the aspect of learning. I had great teachers and great friends but being a perfectionist, I knew that I wasn’t deemed very academic in school. I had a lot of energy and still to this day, struggle to sit still for periods longer than an hour. Luckily I had a hobby that could channel my energy and I was good at dancing.

No matter what was going on in my life I was able to feel good at something. There was an achievable goal and visible standard that I was aiming to achieve. Dance was my outlet and I wasn’t afraid to use it. I was taught to stand tall, lift my chin and focus my eyes. My muscles were stretched and strengthened and I could move, travel, leap, fly but all within a controlled, instructed environment. I soon realised I was good at this and I enjoyed the discipline and my self esteem began to grow.

Dance can help confidence within a child

DancePro Academy has an ethos to not only teach students to dance but to recognise the skills that can be carried forwards into adulthood. The feeling of being part of a team, working in large or small groups, practicing on their own. Posture, expression and body language are all learned in dance classes and can fill your child with the confidence and self esteem they need throughout their lives.

August 2016