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Meet Charlotte Dear

Street Dance

Charlotte Dear is our street dance teacher on TuesdaysI would like to welcome Charlotte to the DancePro Family. She will be taking over from Kieran, teaching on Tuesdays – Street Dance.  
Charlotte Dear is a professional dance artist who trained at London Studio Centre. Whilst studying she specialised in Contemporary. However, since graduating in 2017 she has developed by exploring a variety of art forms; such as floor work, gymnastics, hip hop and commercial dance. As a creative she enjoys experimenting with new movement and styles, recently taking initiative to create her own dance content by choreographing, directing, performing and editing her own projects. 
Last year she travelled to LA to train at Movement Lifestyle, Millennium Dance Comples and learn Tricking CMA at Joining All Movement. Throughout last year she began training with Boy Blue Entertainment and upon returning to LA I joined them for a curtain raiser at the Chrysalis London performance in July (choreographed by Kenrick Sandy, Olivia Shoulder and Gemma Hoddy). After this featuring in a trailer directed by Thanos Pantsos for the upcoming “Female Faces” campaign. And since January, Charlotte has began training with Birdgang. Although since graduating she has focussed on Hip Hop and tricking, her other talents include singing, contemporary and ballet.