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Written by Gill Grueber

miss Gill blog posts headshotI’m definitely not a writer by any stretch of the imagination however what better way to express or educate yourself than by reading and writing short blogs.  
I am loosely relating these blogs to the performing industry, teaching, dance, children’s learning etc as these are subjects I have studied and lived through in order to do what I do.  

Being a dance teacher, I have had to understand cognitive development to ensure my expectations meet the age of the student and physical development to manage my and their expectations.  For example, practicing independently, knowing when to encouraging students to push stretches or having balance and stamina.  Observing growth allows me to see when a possible growth spurt might be coming on at which point the student can become very uncoordinated and lose the ability to retain information. As puberty begins, students can become fussy, tired, less sociable or more inhibited in the class to perform/ sing in front of people or wear a leotard.  This is when it is vital that I give as  much praise to them as you would a three year old who has just learnt to skip.  

I have only studied the tip of the iceberg in these fields and by no means makes me an expert.  However, in dance and performance I do feel that I am more than qualified having gained a diploma in Musical theatre,  worked in many areas of the professional industry and have the highest teaching qualification with the ISTD.  I hope that you enjoy reading the blogs and it can give you a little insight and laughter! 🙂 

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